Mountain Buggy Buggy Ski

Product Code: MB-SKI-V1-9

$29.99 29.99


  • compatible for three and four wheeled strollers
  • easy attachment with web strap and buckle
  • tapered edges and front tips cut through snow and ice (more stand out features below)
  • comes with 3 different designs for your customisation

each ski attachment sold individually, you'll need to purchase the correct amount for your 3 or 4 wheel buggy. ski attachments can be used on front wheels only, or both front and rear wheels.

more stand out features:

  • compatible with all stroller brands and models (as long as wheels are between 5-16")
  • adjustable from 5" - 16" wheels
  • customise your skis with a choice of 3 graphic decals
  • durable, semi flex, molded ski for smooth handling on all types of snowy terrain


  • 1 x winter ski with attachment
  • choice of 3 decals for your customisation

Mountain Buggy Buggy Ski